Wood Art

Wine and Cheese Crate

Custom made wine crate that also presents as a great cheese board.

This is used in two ways …
Crate to carry 3 wine bottles
Store 3 wine bottles on your table and/or countertop with the top board used as a cheese flight.

We have several stain colors to choose from using Minwax wood stain and we can also customize a wood burned 2×2 monogram letter or cluster of grapes. We can wood burn into stained crates a monogram letter or grape cluster for $5 extra.

The other option we offer is a process called “shou sugi ban”. It is $10 extra but the most unique look ever!

(shou sugi ban traditionally involves scorching wooden boards with a torch or controlled fire, cooling the wood, softening the char with a wire brush, removing dust, and, if desired, topping the wood with natural oil.)


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