About Us

Soren Thoreau

“I have always been interested in various forms of art. I’ve always been interested in photography, especially because I was able to convey my emotions through a photograph. Photos have always drawn me in because they catch a single moment of time. A moment that will never happen again. That is profound to me.

I don’t walk around taking random photos, I have to be drawn to a specific space. I don’t look through the lens without feeling a connection with that moment. I then take a deep breath and allow my energy to connect with the object I am looking at-click. My hope is that you look through these photos and one or more of them elicit an emotional connection for you.”
– Soren Thoreau

Soren is an award winning photographer and an amazing artist. His skills include pyrography, stain art, painting, woodworking and custom built wood furniture.

Sabina Thoreau

sabina headshot with vegas in the background

“I come from a long line of crafters and seamstress. The gene seems to have skipped me so i’m trying to play catch up. I do enjoy learning and i’m having so much fun sharing those experiences with people on Facebook Live videos.

I purchased my Cricut in 2019 and love doing paper crafts, stencils and vinyl. I do some custom orders for shirts and the family is starting to enjoy the fun along with me.

On the side I do some marketing for some direct sales vendors and coordinate an online craft fair on Facebook.

Make sure to connect with us and join in on the fun!” – Sabina Thoreau

Thanks for stopping by – if you see a piece that you just have to have in your home or office contact us today!