Vote Now – Photo Contest Coming Up

Please help us by submitting your vote now! Soren has been selected to enter a photo into 2021 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival. The Eastern Colorado VA Health Care System has a local competition each year. In 2020 Hope won 3rd place in the Black & White photography group and Fuel Up received a special recognition in the color photography category.

How you should vote

So we need your help deciding which photograph below we should enter into the 2021 contest. The judging is according to merit in the following criteria’s:

  • Creativity/Originality – artistic expression and uniqueness of perspective and execution
  • Skill – the ability exhibited through all aspects of the creative process
  • Total presentation – continuity and completeness. Factors considered include title, mounting, framing, etc.

The Choices

We took some time looking at our high resolution photographs to pick some unique finds. We have the 3 choices listed below but keep scrolling down for the actual poll. It will tell you the number of votes. Please share this link with everyone you know as we would love to get a variety of demographics who vote. We don’t know who the judges are so the more the merrier. Thank you for your assistance in helping us select our next contest entry! Hurry vote now!

“Come At Me Bro! “

“Power with Grace”

“Blue Ice”

Coming Soon
Please select your favorite of these 3 photos for us to submit to the contest!

Thank you for your vote!

We appreciate you helping us make a difficult decision in the submission. We are in the middle of converting our website so you are able to purchase all photographs directly from our website to help save you $.

Who do you know?

Send us an introduction to the people you know in the art community. We are looking to interview individuals who represent photographers as we would love to have some gallery showings of Soren’s photography. So send the introductions via email to